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 I decided to make an investment for the sake of my hair. They are extremely damaged because of constant dyeing. I was very unhappy about that because I was always proud of them and of their beauty. My aunt has  a cosmetics shop and she recommended me regenerating hair cream mask due to its exceptional composition. It's designed for damaged and colored hair and it contains bamboo extract and extract of bulls gland. I was little bit skeptical about it, but the truth is that I've never bought something that great. It's a real wonder!

Another great item I absolutely love is an ointment with an extract of mary jane (marijuana). I put into it few drops of argan oil and it has absolutely miraculous effects on my skin. It's great help against burns, acne, various abrasions and other troubles.

And again ... awesome argan oil. I bought another little phial and also argan shapmoo.

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