I’ve been wondering for about an hour, how I should begin my apology for not posting anything new for such a long time. I’ve been kind of depressed since January and when I feel depressed, I do not enjoy writing as much as I do when I’m happy or at least in a normal state of my mind.
   I really think that I became a shy person due to everything that I’ve been through in my life, especially in last few years. Almost anytime I feel that there is something terribly wrong, I hide in seclusion and wait there until it is fine again. It is not something I would wish to do and I am most certainly not proud of it, but I can’t help from trying to hide myself from bad things.
   However, I have a strong feeling that all bad have passed away for now and I’m inspired by so many new stuff that are going on.
After many days there is finally a sun shining above my head and this is almost crucial for my creative activity. I am a child of the sun. The sun fills my soul when nothing else does.

I just hope there is still somebody who reads this crap and even if I am the only one, I don’t share the opinion that this is just a waste of time and pure vanity. Honestly, I find blogging to be a better way of spending free time than playing WOW or LOL. I don’t judge anything. Just in my case I know this is much better way.


  1. Hello Dear! I have come here by accident!
    This also happens to me to feel sad and not being able to write anything.
    But "sooner or later the storm ends and the sun comes back!"

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    1. You are absolutely right! :) Thank you very much for your comment !!
      Of course I'll be honoured to participate in your giveaway, thanks for that as well !! :))

  2. I´m really glad you are feeling better now. I have these phases when I´m deeply depressed too but after the storm comes the calm. In my case it´s quite the opposite if I feel bad the writing makes me feel better <3


    1. thank you honey! your comment is really sweet :)
      it's just that sometimes the only thing that helps me is to be calm and quiet, but I completely understand you! writing is an awesome way how to make your life better :) xoxo Maya :)


Thank you for your words !