Here comes spring !

Yesterday was the day when everything went according to plan plus there were bonuses that made my first spring day even better.

First of all .. I work as a hostess (it's just a part time job, I intend to go to college this year) for a radio. Full name of this radio station is Radio Time and I must admit that I do not listen it much for I have very specific taste in music.
Anyway ... as hostesses, we were supposed to give people thousands of tulips and made their first spring day better as well. The weather was lovely, warm, the sun was shining, I had a smile on my face for the whole time and people were so pleased by this small gesture ... the atmosphere was truly amazing. I and my hostess friend had a car and street directory and we stopped on each predetermined station and I had to speak through the radio four times directly to the people. I was a bunch of nerves then, but I think I did pretty well.
We had one hour break for lunch and it was then when some lady stopped us and started to ask questions about parenthood and when we want to have children and other things that I've never think about because it's too early for me to think about it for I don't even have a boyfriend (sad and true).
However, there was a cameraman behind her and it turned out it was an interview for TV. Crazy coincidence. I pretty much made everything up and I can't wait to see myself on TV screen. It'll be a bit embarrassing (fortunately, I'm used to embarrassing moments in my life), but very hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed your first spring day too and I'm looking forward for more beautiful days to happen.


  1. Great pics! Have a nice weekend:)


    1. thank you Ira :) I wish you an awesome weekend too ! <3 :)


Thank you for your words !