big lashes for everybody

Start your weekend with big lashes ..
Miss Gabriella Salvete introduces her new and very flawless d'amore mascara.
I'm very glad to be one of the girls who try it first. I wasn't much into it because I don't like soft brushes, but after first use I changed my mind completely.
My lashes appear to be so long that I was a little bit affraid that I could hurt whoever would be close to my face and first minutes were like.. what the heck, it looks so unnaturally ... But I got used to that "doll look" quite a bit. However, I won't describe this mascara into details because it's boring and everybody does that.
I feel confident and great while wearing d'amore mascara on my lashes. It makes them longer, good-looking and it stayed on for the whole day.
I guess it's enough for me.

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