big lashes for everybody

Start your weekend with big lashes ..
Miss Gabriella Salvete introduces her new and very flawless d'amore mascara.
I'm very glad to be one of the girls who try it first. I wasn't much into it because I don't like soft brushes, but after first use I changed my mind completely.
My lashes appear to be so long that I was a little bit affraid that I could hurt whoever would be close to my face and first minutes were like.. what the heck, it looks so unnaturally ... But I got used to that "doll look" quite a bit. However, I won't describe this mascara into details because it's boring and everybody does that.
I feel confident and great while wearing d'amore mascara on my lashes. It makes them longer, good-looking and it stayed on for the whole day.
I guess it's enough for me.


Daniel Wellington giveaway

I love all kind of giveaways. I'm competitive person and it makes me happy just to participate in in.
Here's one awesome giveaway from Daniel Wellington and you have a chance to win very beautiful Classic St.Andrews Lady' watch worth 199$.

All you have to do is enter this link and fill it with required informations: http://rafl.es/TIeUYZ



Hola !!

 I decided to make an investment for the sake of my hair. They are extremely damaged because of constant dyeing. I was very unhappy about that because I was always proud of them and of their beauty. My aunt has  a cosmetics shop and she recommended me regenerating hair cream mask due to its exceptional composition. It's designed for damaged and colored hair and it contains bamboo extract and extract of bulls gland. I was little bit skeptical about it, but the truth is that I've never bought something that great. It's a real wonder!

Another great item I absolutely love is an ointment with an extract of mary jane (marijuana). I put into it few drops of argan oil and it has absolutely miraculous effects on my skin. It's great help against burns, acne, various abrasions and other troubles.

And again ... awesome argan oil. I bought another little phial and also argan shapmoo.



This month I had a job in Prague on Motosalon 2o13. I was not the classic hostess who just sits on an awesome machine and smiles, but I actually had to work and I envied those girls so much! (I'm not as lazy as it sounds, but it's nice to do something like that from time to time)
I stayed at my friend's apartment and I spent there such a fabulous time, she lives with three american girls so all I could hear was english and that was great change. I love american people, they have completely different personality which I find casual, effortless and very pleasant :)


Here comes spring !

Yesterday was the day when everything went according to plan plus there were bonuses that made my first spring day even better.

First of all .. I work as a hostess (it's just a part time job, I intend to go to college this year) for a radio. Full name of this radio station is Radio Time and I must admit that I do not listen it much for I have very specific taste in music.
Anyway ... as hostesses, we were supposed to give people thousands of tulips and made their first spring day better as well. The weather was lovely, warm, the sun was shining, I had a smile on my face for the whole time and people were so pleased by this small gesture ... the atmosphere was truly amazing. I and my hostess friend had a car and street directory and we stopped on each predetermined station and I had to speak through the radio four times directly to the people. I was a bunch of nerves then, but I think I did pretty well.
We had one hour break for lunch and it was then when some lady stopped us and started to ask questions about parenthood and when we want to have children and other things that I've never think about because it's too early for me to think about it for I don't even have a boyfriend (sad and true).
However, there was a cameraman behind her and it turned out it was an interview for TV. Crazy coincidence. I pretty much made everything up and I can't wait to see myself on TV screen. It'll be a bit embarrassing (fortunately, I'm used to embarrassing moments in my life), but very hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed your first spring day too and I'm looking forward for more beautiful days to happen.



 Hey guys! Hope you are all doing great :) !

I must share my new passion for eyeliners! I’ve fell in love with them when I first saw my beloved Cara Delevingne on the picture below. I thought it would be hard for me to use them because as I said before, I am not very skilled when it comes to make-up and stuff. But this looks so great and flawless that I decided to try it after all.

I know a great web page, where you can do gorgeous makeovers with your portrait picture and then decide what kind of eyeliner and style suits you. It’s not just about eyeliner or make-up, you can also change your hair, add glasses or some jewelry..

Also, you can find there some useful advices about skin, hair, nails or just be in touch with the hottest trends.

Here is one randomly chosen makeover:

And dear Cara:


I’ve been wondering for about an hour, how I should begin my apology for not posting anything new for such a long time. I’ve been kind of depressed since January and when I feel depressed, I do not enjoy writing as much as I do when I’m happy or at least in a normal state of my mind.
   I really think that I became a shy person due to everything that I’ve been through in my life, especially in last few years. Almost anytime I feel that there is something terribly wrong, I hide in seclusion and wait there until it is fine again. It is not something I would wish to do and I am most certainly not proud of it, but I can’t help from trying to hide myself from bad things.
   However, I have a strong feeling that all bad have passed away for now and I’m inspired by so many new stuff that are going on.
After many days there is finally a sun shining above my head and this is almost crucial for my creative activity. I am a child of the sun. The sun fills my soul when nothing else does.

I just hope there is still somebody who reads this crap and even if I am the only one, I don’t share the opinion that this is just a waste of time and pure vanity. Honestly, I find blogging to be a better way of spending free time than playing WOW or LOL. I don’t judge anything. Just in my case I know this is much better way.