Make-up! Make-up?

I’m not much into whole make-up thing. I’ve never been someone who has to use make-up and stuff every day. Not because I thought my skin is so beautiful that I don’t really have to use them, but simply because I’m too lazy to use them.
But with the time goes by I figured it’s not such a bad idea to have one in my bag, just in case. After all, I need it as much as any other girl and sometimes it’s vital.
When I had a photo shooting last year, one make-up artist recommended me a flawless make-up which made my face look really beautiful and without a single imperfection. And here it is, quite cheap, nice smell and calming Avon make-up. Pictures can be viewed below.
Another great brand is E.L.F. cosmetics. Many of fashion and make-up bloggers from all over the world would have died for this brand. So I decided to try some products as well. Let’s see.

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