Moroccan Gold

Some time ago, I saw one documentary in tv about Moroccan oil. I found that very interesting. It was actually so interesting that I had to find more informations about it on the internet. And when I did so, I had to buy a bottle of this moroccan gold for myself.
What is Argan oil in the first place? It's an oil that comes from a very rare argan tree. This tree can be found mostly only in Morocco and seldom in Israel. That's one of the reasons why is this oil so highly valued. The other one is number of benefits argan oil provides:
One of the most popular benefits is its anti-aging attribute. We all want to be beautiful and look young as long as possible and this will help you to reduce wrinkles, inflammation and it contains high levels of vitamin E which is a strong antioxidant.
Another great benefit is an incredible skin protection. For example, it's a great help if you suffer from Acne, it helps in scare tissue healing, it helps you to get rid of dark spots, it effectively softens the skin surface, it's also protecting the skin against UV rays from the sun.
This oil is a real miracle when it comes to hair. I love my hair and I hate seeing them damaged and dry because of winter, hair color and so on. This helps me enormously. If you want to look like girls from ads, all you have to do is use this oil. I swear I speak the truth.
There are several medical benefits as well. Anti-cancer properties, it's helpful in lowering cholesterol levels, it heals eczema and psoriasis or chickenpox.
The one and only disadvantage is its price. Because it has so many great benefits and because it's really rare, argan oil does most definitely not belong to the most cheapest matters. But it's extremely worth it.


Check this out !

I was told that Jillian Michaels 30 day shred is an awesome workout and that you can see results almost in no time. I’m working my way through fourth day and I have to ask myself- what have I gotten myself into? It’s really difficult. In fact, I woke up this morning feeling pain in my arms, thighs, abs and even in my calves and breasts. BUT on the other hand I have strong feeling that my body has started to change. Actually I can see that my butt is tighter. After just 4 days!
And I’m on my way to being shredded. And you should definitely check this out if you want the same thing!

Here is a link on youtube where you find Jillian Michaels 30 day shred:


How much is too much ?

Because I'm still carrying a little holiday weight, I finally came to the decision that something must be done about it. It bothers me a lot actually. I've never been satisfied with my body but in this case, Christmas means another nail in the coffin.
It's my honest wish to lose 4-5 kg (8-11 pounds). I hope my wish will come true eventually. I bought, especially for this big fight, weight loss tea and cleansing tea and I must say that I believe more in the power of placebo effect than in the power of these teas.
I work out a lot and I'm really trying not to eat junk food and sweets. BUT I will never give up chocolate. And I would rather work out like a nut than give up pizza.
See ... it's not that easy.


The Rocket Volum’ Express

As promised, here's a small post about The Rocket Volum' mascara from Maybelline and few pictures as well.
I think it's a lovely mascara and I'm happy to have one in my bag. It takes just a minute to achieve up to 8 times more clump-free volume. In my case, it definitely does what it's supposed to- lengthens and gives that clump-free volume look. Actually I really feel like a blinking doll. And I can assure you that it's impressive enough.
I also like the look of this wonderful thing. Hot pink on metallic blue- it's kind of funky yet chic and cool.
Four of my friends have already bought it and I think their money are well spent.
Unfortunately I'm not sure if these pictures can capture the whole impression and I'm sorry for this. I was in a hurry and I didn't make it exactly as I wanted to.



Another little photo shoot ... nothing special and it just took an hour to make these pictures. I was at home with my friend who is a photographer and we made these. I needed new pictures for I won mascara from Maybelline and because this small competition was mostly focused on bloggers, I had to make pics and what's most important I wanted to make them because this mascara is awesome. But it does not belong here, you will see it in next post :)
Right now you can see other photos which were made that day. But like I said before, it's nothing special.



I was as happy as a clam when my aunt gave me absolutely delicious pumpkin seed oil and really simple recipe for an awesome salad. You should definitely try this. Not because it's easy to make, but because it's the best salad of the best and I could eat it till the end of my life.

All you need:
Pumpkin seed oil (it's very healthy, some studies have found this oil to have beneficial effects on cholesterol levels plus it's useful in the prevention and treatment of prostate)
Tartar sauce
Spice for soup

Place the salad in a large bowl. Drizzle with vinegar, water (approximately half a glass) and pumpkin seed oil (two tablespoons). Season with salt and spice for soup (just a little bit from each). And then add one tablespoon of tartar sauce. Gently toss until the salad is well coated. Be careful because if you make a stain on your clothes, there's a really small chance you will ever be able to remove it.
That's it, that's all.
Bon appetit ! :)



I had to go to my most favourite shops and buy some new clothes.
There were sales everywhere and when I stepped into a shopping center, I immediately wanted almost everything.
I really adore white color and lace. It makes me feel so good .. I love that feeling. Therefore I bought a beautiful white blouse with lace from H&M.
Anyway, there are other good-looking stuff I bought and I like them as well.
But this one blouse... this one took my heart.


rest in peace

My beloved dog just died.
I’m completely shattered, completely broken. I’ll miss her greatly. She was 13 years old and still looked like a baby.
I want to dedicate this article to her. She’ll never be forgotten. I know you were in pain and you’re at peace now. But … my heart hurts so much right now.
I was not ready for this.. Hope to see you again my love.
I love you, I love you my baby..


Make-up! Make-up?

I’m not much into whole make-up thing. I’ve never been someone who has to use make-up and stuff every day. Not because I thought my skin is so beautiful that I don’t really have to use them, but simply because I’m too lazy to use them.
But with the time goes by I figured it’s not such a bad idea to have one in my bag, just in case. After all, I need it as much as any other girl and sometimes it’s vital.
When I had a photo shooting last year, one make-up artist recommended me a flawless make-up which made my face look really beautiful and without a single imperfection. And here it is, quite cheap, nice smell and calming Avon make-up. Pictures can be viewed below.
Another great brand is E.L.F. cosmetics. Many of fashion and make-up bloggers from all over the world would have died for this brand. So I decided to try some products as well. Let’s see.