I've seen a lots of movies these days. The main reason why I willingly spend so much time at home is the fact that outdoor temperature shows -15°C.
And because of my anemia, I cannot afford to be in such a cold for a long time. But I go for a little walk every day (in my free time). It's a marvelous view when everything is covered with snow and sparkles so brightly.
I hope I will have a ring one day that will sparkle as much as snow and then I won't be able to stop staring at it. That reminds me, when I'm staring at my hands right now, they are incredibly dry and I can't find a cream or lotion or whatever to protect them properly.
The thing is that nobody writes any comments here although I can see I have viewers from approximately 13 countries..
I mean, I would appreciate any advice because I've tried almost everything and my hands are still dry and it hurts a bit too. So, If you know about anything, please let me know.
I'm used to speak for myself, but any kind of response would surely be useful.

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