Hi guys!
I’m extremely sorry for not posting a single thing in a long time.
I had a really serious health problem and it took all the energy out of me.
I was in a hospital, but now, I suppose, everything should be ok again.
This Christmas was a bit horrible for me, but I have to admit that my family is awesome for they treat me so well.
I hope you have much better time with your beloved ones!
Anyway, make sure this very last night of 2o12 will be great, enjoy it to the max,
and I also hope to see you in 2o13!
I promise this blog will be better in time and I have many ideas how to do so.

one happy moment with my darling :)


  1. Thank you Levi :) your blog is wonderful ! And Happy New Year to you too !! :)


Thank you for your words !