Dearest Christmas, where are you ?

Christmas is right around the corner and I have precisely no gift for anyone.
Although I love shopping as much as any other girl, I'm not exactly looking for it now.
Huge amount of people everywhere and on the contrary .. what is not there anymore is the beautiful snow which has melted.
I love Christmas atmosphere, but I can't sense a hint of it this year.
But still, when I look at this picture with snowmen from last year, I feel a small tiny wave of Christmas peace.


  1. Hello Maya,

    I had seen your profile on the penpal page. My name on there is delmont79. Interesting that you are involved in modeling. I had done it in NYC a long time ago. :) So, advice for the dry skin...best suggestion to impart is visit a sports store (that sells ski equipment & jackets). There is a moisturizer used in cross-country skiing that is less oil but re-hydrates. Second option is to use foot creme and leave it over night. Your skin has memory; so it will quickly replenish itself. By the way, congratulations on your new home. I have just moved to Mala Strana in Prague. Please write me back on the pen-pal site; I think we have much in common. Sincerely, JBM

  2. Dear JBM,
    your message honestly made my day.
    Thank you a lot. Not only for your advice but overall I'm thankful for your comment and time. I will do it according to your words :) I promise I will write you on the pen-pal when I have a time! Thank you again,
    Sincerely, Maya :)


Thank you for your words !