Hi guys!
I’m extremely sorry for not posting a single thing in a long time.
I had a really serious health problem and it took all the energy out of me.
I was in a hospital, but now, I suppose, everything should be ok again.
This Christmas was a bit horrible for me, but I have to admit that my family is awesome for they treat me so well.
I hope you have much better time with your beloved ones!
Anyway, make sure this very last night of 2o12 will be great, enjoy it to the max,
and I also hope to see you in 2o13!
I promise this blog will be better in time and I have many ideas how to do so.

one happy moment with my darling :)


Dearest Christmas, where are you ?

Christmas is right around the corner and I have precisely no gift for anyone.
Although I love shopping as much as any other girl, I'm not exactly looking for it now.
Huge amount of people everywhere and on the contrary .. what is not there anymore is the beautiful snow which has melted.
I love Christmas atmosphere, but I can't sense a hint of it this year.
But still, when I look at this picture with snowmen from last year, I feel a small tiny wave of Christmas peace.



I'm in love with my new H&M top ... I admit, I'm a bit materialistic :)
I adore this brand, they have such amazing clothes and even their own magazine which you can get for free and in english.

The last picture is from Friday, me and my friend were in the club and it was quite awesome party :) I had this new top and the only disadvantage is that you can slightly see-through it.


Franca Sozzani

Who listens to me? I often ask myself who does,
and I’m sure you all ask yourselves the same question as often as I do. 

We don’t listen to the young because they have no experience,
we don’t listen to those who have it because they are too old,
we don’t listen to each other because we are too busy listening to ourselves.

But how can we learn from others, or hand down our knowledge, if we don’t listen?
There’s also the despicable category of people who listen to you while they are thinking about something else, or keep on texting or sending emails as you are talking.

Listening to not extremely interesting conversations is also inspiring sometimes.
You judge people from what they say and think, and it’s always a way to exchange our views.
Learning to listen is not easy, but once you do it you have a great tool to grow and understand.

We all have something to say, but few know how to listen.“We can say that reading and listening are the same art, the art of being taught.” are the marvelous words of American philosopher Mortimer Adler. 

The world is moving with such haste and rapidity that we often lose the pleasure of reading a book or sitting patiently to listen.
Slowing down doesn’t mean stopping altogether, but drawing breath and waiting a second before springing into action. 
“Ascoltami”, listen to me, sings Elisa. “Listen to me”: how many times we’ve said it? Countless.

Allowing a few moments, without hurry, to someone who wants to talk to you is not a sign of politeness, but a way to create a bond with someone who needs your help and opinion.
If we learn to listen, besides, we will not need to raise our voice to be heard, when it’s our turn to speak!

I've seen a lots of movies these days. The main reason why I willingly spend so much time at home is the fact that outdoor temperature shows -15°C.
And because of my anemia, I cannot afford to be in such a cold for a long time. But I go for a little walk every day (in my free time). It's a marvelous view when everything is covered with snow and sparkles so brightly.
I hope I will have a ring one day that will sparkle as much as snow and then I won't be able to stop staring at it. That reminds me, when I'm staring at my hands right now, they are incredibly dry and I can't find a cream or lotion or whatever to protect them properly.
The thing is that nobody writes any comments here although I can see I have viewers from approximately 13 countries..
I mean, I would appreciate any advice because I've tried almost everything and my hands are still dry and it hurts a bit too. So, If you know about anything, please let me know.
I'm used to speak for myself, but any kind of response would surely be useful.