Tomorrow I'll be 21 years old.
I love birthday because everyone is extremely nice to me :D and my mum makes a cake, my brother always takes me on a road trip and I have a good reason to celebrate.
But unfortunately I'll be too busy tomorrow (work issues and stuff) and I won't be able to make any new post ... Therefore I do so now.
It's been (mostly wonderful) 20 years since I came into this world.
I am thankful to my mum, brother, my sister and every single person on this world who likes me for me.

                   this pic is from 2o11 and i like this gorgeous dress. 


This is my sweet little angel .. Her name's Adele and she is quite old ... 13 years to be exact.
And she still looks like a baby.
I love taking pictures of her :)


new home II.

It's official. I am the most exhausted person in the whole New world. Here's a few photos from our new home ... I hope you like it :)
I'm not done what considers my room, but I don't have a time right now to finish it. I want to make some before and after photos because I have much inspiration which I want to implement.

l'oreal professionnel II.

I wanna share with you one more picture from the makeover event :)


new home

I just moved into my new house.
I still live in a village called "New world", and that's pretty witty because it has something about 50 residents and we have no shop or anything else what can remind you civilized world.
BUT I'm starting to fall in love with this house ... i'll post some pictures tomorrow :)


l'oreal professionnel

Guess what has happened ... I won a participation from L'oreal professionnel in Steampod Star makeover for my hair. I was so thrilled about it!
Must admit their services are high professional and I enjoyed it extremely. There was also plenty of food and great drinks and everybody was just so nice and sweet to me, I wish I had such a treatment for myself every week..
Although I looked like 15 years old, I love the makeover. I went to a party then and ... found many new boy-friends, heh.





Look at this picture. It was my outfit for a prom in my hometown last week and it was great party actually. I like this event so much. It reminds me every single time my own prom and how amazing I felt on the dance floor with the guy I loved.
This time, although I'm single, I had really great time with all of my friends and I'm looking forward to the very next ball which is next month.


(I'm in the middle), 2oo8


you never know...

"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have."
I don't mean to be just snotty little bundle of misery (although I have many reasons to be one) and that's why I'm trying to do otherwise. I believe that "everything will be all right in the end. And if it's not all right, then it is not yet the end." 


How I see the world

I'm shortsighted. And I've been shortsighted for last 15 years. Let me just remind you that I'll turn 21 this month. I do have glasses but I do not like them as much as I like my look without them.
So it's been almost 15 years since I see this world as a big blur.
I find it a bit impressionistic because it's more rather like huge amount of dots which, in the end, make the image itself.
Maybe that's why I like impressionism so much. I love it because of outdoor scenes with bright, radiant colors without an emphasis on detail.

Claude Monet was one of the founding fathers of this artistic movement. I adore his work, especially the ones with water lilies.

Edgar Degas. This man, among other things, is known for his paintings with ballet dancers. I would love to have one of his drawings on my wall. And I really mean it, because it's a beautiful source of inspiration.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir is the last painter I'm going to mention. He truly was a celebrator of beauty as I read once upon a time. My most favourite is his painting called "The swing".

 Claude Monet-water lilies

 Claude Monet- the water lily pond

 Edgar Degas- Blue Dancers (Les Danseuses Bleues), 1890

 Edgar Degas- Danseuses, 1895

Pierre-Auguste Renoir- The Swing (La Balançoire), 1876


Thank you for your attention. Every single "click" counts, for it makes my day much better :)

Ladies night

It's such a pleasure to be around my lovely ladies.
My sister, my friend and I had a great ladies night together.
I chose randomly my clothes for that occasion and my sweet sister did the same and after I first saw her that day I had to laughed at what I saw. She picked exactly the same outfit ... red jeans and white pullover.
Then we made absolutely delicious pizza. And chocolate fondue, fruits and sweets served as exquisite desserts.

All Saints' Day

The day before yesterday, my family and I visited four cemeteries to pay tribute to all Saints and to all people who are not alive anymore.
It was in the evening and everything was under cover of darkness.. and you were not able to see anything but hundreds of candles.
It was good to see how many people actually honor this day and their beloved ones.


Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

This is a magnificent movie! I've seen it three times. It's beautiful, every single sound of the film .. and it includes many absolutely amazing actors such as Dustin Hoffman or Alan Rickman and Rachel Hurd-Wood.
This film tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (an olfactory genius) and his deadly craving for the most beautiful scents ... it truly is another work of art.