Winter is coming

and so is my brother. This very day, I and my dazling brother (who is also a soldier and to whom I'm very proud of), are going to make an awesome road trip almost across our whole country. He lives few kilometers far from my home, but we haven't seen each other recently. That's going to change fortunately.
          Everything is covered with snow and I swear I can smell Christmas. It's magical and it also makes me shiver with both cold and happiness.


Like a dream

It's July 2o11.
Warm summer day with rays of sun shining through the trees. (I think it's pretty obvious now that I have this little harmless thing for sun, trees and nature as such.) I feel like I'm in dreamy fairytale, playing this nymph.. And then I'm just an innocent girl with my beloved teddy bear. Fun as always :)

Windows of fashion world

I have been told that this is real piece of art. And I cannot agree more. This is divine and stunning. And I don't consider myself as a person who can be easily stunned.
Companies such as Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang etc. bring up the concept "shop windows" to the next level.



Today I've become a part of this "hostess agency" which is awesome because they pay really great money. I have many experiences with this kind of job and I must admit it's "easy money" ... You know what I mean, it doesn't rub your skin from your body when you're doing this job.
The worse part is that I feel an irresistible desire to control what I eat, how many workout I do and so on ... On the one hand I'm grateful to my body and face for this job.
On the other hand, I'm still smart enough to keep it in the healthy way.


a bit of fashion

I've read many articles about Carolina Herrera spring collection for 2013 and I love it to death.
Absolutely breathtaking. It's supposed to be fashion for the very next spring, but as you can see, this is something what will be cherished forever.

Austria 2oo9

When I was in Austria three years ago I had an amazing opportunity to have a photoshoot with really gifted  photographer and I'm grateful for this experience.
Unfortunately I don't have a time right now for new pictures and that's why I'm posting here the old ones.
(I honestly hope none of my friends read my blog.. I'm 100% positive they would think that I'm so cocky because of the amount of my pictures. Believe me or not, I can be everything but not cocky)

once again

I happened to be in this beautiful and peaceful place. I hardly ever meet someone there. Maybe that's why I found a dinner for myself under one of that tree.
I quite don't like makeup lately. And it's obvious I don't have any when I am in the wood. I was just sitting there, under the tree, next to my mushroom-dinner and I was calming myself down because I was very upset. Actually I was on the top of all outrage. This view always helps. And it did a favor to me once again. I felt like I was blessed by a God himself. And all of the sudden the distraction was gone.



I had this underwear photo shoot earlier this year and it was awesome. There is nothing professional about it.. there were just my beautiful model friend, photographer (who is also my friend) and I. We had an empty house, great music, plenty of time and good food.
I don't have high self-confidence. I haven't developed it yet and I don't intend to. But this time I felt really great in my body and I think you can see it pretty well in those pictures.



Be aware of details. Sometimes this is the only thing that's worth it.


I want to live my life at full blast. Without any regrets.
I know there are things in my life which most people find regrettable, but I don't want to be like others.
The most imporant is that you have to realize one substantial thing : Lasting happiness cannot be found in any of the objects of the world. It's hidden inside you.

bad hair day

I find these last few weeks really hard. I don't feel comfortable in my own skin and what's probably worse ... I don't feel comfortable no matter where I am or what I do.
But at the end of the day I'm still genuinely glad that I'm healthy (both physically and mentally) and that there are people around me who love me for the real me.


interior designs

These pictures are some of my most favourite interiors so far .. 
I find them really cosy and very comfortable. 
Originality is appreciated.
just stunning.