Sammydress: Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway,5 Winners! Ends on 4/21!!...

Sammydress: Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway,5 Winners! Ends on 4/21!!...: Hey Friends,  with Easter just around the corner, we organized this EGG-Cellent  Easter Egg Hunt.  We've hidden 40 Easter Eggs on dif...


we heart it !

I've been collecting inspirational pictures for several months and I wanna bring a small portion of it here as well.
You should visit http://weheartit.com/ and especially my profile on there http://weheartit.com/ArtBitesBack, heh . I believe that this is a great source of inspiration for everyone. You can "heart" almost every picture on the internet that you like and collect it right there. You also have followers and you can make new friends..
I'm just in love with this place.


Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful

Traditionally, I went for a walk this weekend and I took a camera with me. The landscape where I live is not exactly significant and there are not many options where to go, but when spring is finally awoken, everything is charming and I wanna absorb as much as possible from these inspiring days..

This pond is approximately 100m far from my house. I love it there.

The sky is magnificantly blue, it's like looking into eyes of Buddha himself.


new Chi Chi wishlist :)

I have been a big fan of Chi Chi clothing for quite some time and I decided to make my very first wishlist which includes my most favourite pieces of their collection! :)
AND there is a great competition going on, if you want to win £200 to spend on amazing dresses at Chi Chi!
You can enter it here : http://etailpr.blogspot.co.uk/2013_04_01_archive.html
Chi Chi website :  http://bit.ly/ZQGeDd

As you can see, I am obsessed with lace. I would wear a curtain if it was possible. Ok, now I'm exaggerating, but if there was for example Vera Wang curtain, I would wear it. I am that much in love with lace!
Anyway, here are absolutely gorgeous dresses with and without lace and I feel that the time for me to buy some of them will definitely come!!

These are my most favourite pieces, but it took me such a long time to choose them because all of their dresses look stunning! If I had 200£ to spend in Chi Chi, I'd buy definitely four of them and pay the fifth dress because when I can't decide, I must take it all.
And yet I always say "Thanks God, I am a woman!" These dresses are worth it !!!

Dress nr.1- CHI CHI JAKINDA DRESS £48.99

Dress nr.2- CHI CHI INOCENTA DRESS £49.99

Dress nr.3- CHI CHI REGINA DRESS £47.99

Dress nr.4- CHI CHI LUZ DRESS £59.99

Dress nr.5- CHI CHI MARTA DRESS £46.99

Not an angel anymore!

Miranda Kerr has been let go as one of the main faces of Victoria's secret after her 1 milion dollar contract with brand was not renewed.
Some say it's because of her "difficult reputation" and that she is standoffish with other models and some say it's because "she isn't such a big VS seller" compared to her other famous colleagues.
One thing is for sure ... She will be coming back for the next Victoria's secret runway show. Thanks God.



Cheerio !
I got a package yesterday :)
Because I am desperately in love with all kind of necklaces, I couldn't help but add a few new pieces to my collection. And I like them all :)
Necklace is a great accessory, plus it drives attention to you :)


Hello spring!

I have bunch of pictures which I would like to share :)
Now when spring has finally come to us (kind of), it's time for every living soul to wake up!
I went for a walk and it turned out to be 15km long walk. I admit that I was a little bit tired, but I didn't mind at all, because I feel alive once again.
I had to bring my spring and summer clothes from our attic cause I have strong feeling that I'm gonna need it soon!